One Small but precious diamond Looking for Diamond Jewellery within your budget that you can wear daily? Want to buy Diamond jewellery but afraid of ending up buying fake ones? ‘Jewel n Jewellers’ happens to be a one-stop destination to answer your questions. Consider these factors before you buy loose Diamonds or Diamond Jewellery.

Shape & Size

Each different shape and size affect the price of Diamond. The most common shape of a Diamond is Round brilliant, which is classic and favorite as well. The second favorite and currently trending is the Princess cut diamond which is square or rectangular. Fancy shapes such as marquise, oval, and pear are elongated and tend to appear more massive than a round. Others include heart, cushion, and radiant. The price of the Diamond increases exponentially concerning its size.

The 4 C’s of Diamonds

While purchasing Diamonds, evaluating the 4 C’s namely Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat weight is very important.


Colorless or white Diamonds allow maximum light to pass through them and hence dazzle the most. Diamonds are graded as per their color, less the color higher the grade. The fancy colored Diamonds such as pink or blue are often rare and expensive ones which are not graded similarly.


Clarity refers to the outer and internal visual features and flaws of a diamond happened during its formation. These irregularities can comprise of tiny bubbles or fine crystals, small cracks, or other deformities. Diamonds which are clearer are more valued.


The cut of the diamond is what imparts the stone its brilliance, which is what ultimately, makes it shine. The angles and finish of any Diamond determine the ability to handle light, which leads to radiance.

Carat Weight

Carat is a unit used to weigh a Diamond and determines size. 1 carat weighs approximately 0.200g. Large diamonds have a higher cost per carat.

The 5th C of Certification

The Diamond certificate, which is also known by the name of grading report, is a complete evaluation of the diamond and these certifications are conducted by qualified professionals from reputed gemstone labs with the help of specially designed instruments for gems.

Concepted by : Dharmesh Soni